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The FirePlan family of software products is affordable software designed and developed for your Fire Department. This Fire Department software is a cost-effective method for satisfying your records management requirements. Serving Fire Departments since 1999, the software modules have evolved into and effective method to track information required to effectively manage your Department. Many departments integrate our awards programs module (attendance tracking) with our NFIRS Incident Reporting module in order to capture the entire event. The FirePlan Software applications are available for Service Awards Programs (LOSAP), NFIRS 5 (Incident Reporting), SCBA Records Management, Attendance Tracking, Inventory Control, Membership Records, and other custom programs. All modules include a number of standard reports and your own report writer or SQL is available. Each application can be modified to your Fire Departments requirements or we can design a new application to meet your needs.

All FirePlan Software modules are multiuser and network scalable. They run on the latest Windows ® O/S. Hardware requirements are minimal. Any off the shelf PC is acceptable. Can run on Apple hardware if utilizing the Microsoft® operating system.

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