LOSAP/NFIRS Tracking System

The LOSAP/NFIRS Tracking System is our most popular software module. This module records LOSAP and NFIRS utilizing the same data entry. Like LOSAP, it is used to accumulate, calculate and track points assigned to fire fighters for attendance and participation at various firematic and non-firematic events. The major difference is that this module makes the next logical step and takes the data entered into the LOSAP Dispatcher Screen and automatically starts the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) record. Now the user just needs to complete the NFIRS form to complete all the required paper work for a firematic and ambulance events. NFIRS guides the user through the system by flashing tabs or fields requiring data. It also uses messages to inform the user of various choices. Once the records is saved can be completed at a later time once all event information becomes available. Electronic file transfer to State and Federal officials is included. The system comes with various reports.

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