LOSAP Tracking System (Service Awards)

The Length of Service Awards Program or LOSAP Tracking System is used to accumulate, calculate and track both state and local points assigned to firefighters for attendance and participation at various firematic and non-firematic events.

After an incident or event has occurred, the LOSAP Administrator enters the event into the Dispatcher's Event Log. Then the Point Log Entry screen is used to assign credit (points) for participation in the event to the attending members. It is important to note that this system records both LOSAP and your Departments local membership attendance requirements. Included is a comprehensive "Member" screen/database is included with this system. This member database can easily fulfill any "Membership Data" requirements that the Department may require and it often doubles as the Departments sole "Membership" database. Lastly, LOSAP reports provide a statistical showing of memberís attendance and point totals according to a data range. Other reports show membership, manpower, OSHA and alarm summary reports. File level "Password Protection" and On-line help is included. The System can operate as a stand-alone System or be fully integrated into the other FirePlan modules. The System can be customized or reports added to meet your local requirements.

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